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With Google Updater you can download and upgrade programs from Google Pack
Guest — 3 years ago
I love Google apps.
prince heven — 6 years ago
A nice program which I like very much.
Shohom — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
Works like magic!
Brent Kamrath — 9 years ago
I love Google
italotoffolo — 9 years ago
4 Stars
Guest — 9 years ago
does not update as it should and is hard to get rid of
Skyrunner — 9 years ago
I don't like that google installs so many crap on my pc
Michael — 9 years ago
not sure if it downloads updates but it is good for getting software in the same place
Vernon Guillory — 10 years ago
I don't trust the Lack of Privacy google has and yet I would love to be able to download many more program which is ideal for non $$$$ internet, since I have the regular internet for price, since I could download 500 MB of program and take 2 weeks to download it if I needed to, thats an answer to me.
titas — 10 years ago
good one
sebastian — 10 years ago
easy to use
Guest — 11 years ago
Assumes too much about what I want to update.
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