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With Google Updater you can download and upgrade programs from Google Pack
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Newton Nayak I love Google apps.

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Guest Nice work.

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prince heven

prince heven A nice program which I like very much.

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Shohom Good

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Guest Works like magic!

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Guest why my webman cannot be open??

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Guest it is software highly protects computer from trojan virus...

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Brent Kamrath I love Google

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italotoffolo 4 Stars

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Guest does not update as it should and is hard to get rid of

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Skyrunner I don't like that google installs so many crap on my pc

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Guest why is the internet moving and on on my computer

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Murtuza If you run any number of different Google apps (desktop, Chrome etc) on Windows than you've got GoogleUpdate.exe running in the background as a system process. What GoogleUpdate.exe is supposed to do is continuosly check with Google for updates and then download them when available. It's a little thing, but it is something that has raised privacy concerns -- what exactly is Google sending back and forth?

In order to deal with those privacy issues, Google announced late last week that it was open sourcing the updated as project Omaha.The source code is already up on Google Code , and is being made available under an Apache 2.0 open source license. Google has also gone a step further and is providing a developers guide to actually get Omaha up and running.

While I applaud Google's efforts in openning up Omaha from a privacy point of view, there are still some issues in my opinion. For one, it's yet another updater on Windows. If every single vendor has their own updater (and many do) that adds a tremendous amount of resource overhead to a PC. I've advocated in the past that Windows should adopt a Linux type package repository system for a unified update process.

From a broader update point of view, it will be interesting to see if other Windows software vendors adopt Omaha as their own updating tool. If they do, perhaps in time it could become the basis for the unified updater that Windows so clearly (and desperately) needs.

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Michael not sure if it downloads updates but it is good for getting software in the same place

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Vernon Guillory I don't trust the Lack of Privacy google has and yet I would love to be able to download many more program which is ideal for non $$$$ internet, since I have the regular internet for price, since I could download 500 MB of program and take 2 weeks to download it if I needed to, thats an answer to me.

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